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About Pure Digital Solutions

Highly qualified and experienced individuals who are specialists in Business Consultancy, Information Technology and Economic Research established Pure Digital Solutions in 2005.

Information Technology

Pure Digital Solutions has experience and expertise in distribution, installation and support of computer systems, software and peripherals among other services.


Business Consultancy

Pure Digital Solutions has a wide range of experience and expertise in consulting and customer relationship management. Pure Digital is composed of experts who have been involved in key business driver evaluation initiatives in a wide range of types of businesses.


Business Process Re-engineering

Pure Digital Solutions has a wide range of experience and expertise in re-engineering business processes and designing, installing and implementation of Custom Developed Systems, Innovative Security Systems, Workflow and/or Automation Systems, Off-the-shelf Systems Customization and many more.


Project Management/Consultancy

 Pure Digital Solutions has also one of the most important skills amongst its staff, the management experience in our projects in different sectors of business and project types. Project initiation, monitoring, costing and management. We also help with business case development and return on investment


Enterprise-wide Document Archiving

For any organisation to operate at optimum efficiency, it is essential that its information is securely stored and immediately accessible. We have systems than can be tightly integrated into all the major Accounting and ERP systems – an enterprise-wide document imaging, management and archiving system that will boost productivity and significantly reduce costs.

Our Objectives

To identify areas of business opportunity falling within the company’s expertise.
To deliver valuable and cost effective business solutions by providing and developing technological solutions which recognizes each client’s unique needs.
To provide business process tools, skills and employment opportunities to the previously under privileged communities.

Target Markets

Pure Digital Solutions further considers itself as a global player in exchanging technology with foreign countries. Our focus is on the projects that originate from the following sectors:

Government (at all levels) Parastatals
Private sector (including corporate and SMMEs) and Individuals
Private Corporations

What We Are About

Our fundamental mission in all our endeavours is to contribute to the well being of our stakeholders and national economic development.

Economic Empowerment

Pure Digital Solutions’ formation is based on the economic empowerment of the previously disadvantaged communities of South Africa and in Africa.

Equity Ownership

The founding member is a black professional who seeks active participation within the mainstream economy.

Job Creation

For all the contracts and jobs that this organization gets, local labour is prioritised. Where additional resources are required the company sub-contracts its jobs to emerging contractors by forming strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Current Capacity

Pure Digital Solutions currently is in a strategic alliances with major players in the business consultancy industry hence the strong and competent technical and professional resources.